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Avalon IVY Staff

Fall semester / Middle school staff photo. I don’t get why the fist pose but the boss insisted. I wanted to do a Gangnam style pose.


photo update 2

Sorry for the lack of updates on here. These are some photos I have taken since my last update. I bought a bike and have been going on weekly bike rides that always end up turning into mini explorations around the city. Hope you enjoy!

headbanging til my neck hurts


I have been frequenting a bar in my neighborhood called Rhythm & Blues since it opened last week. It is a western style bar with amazing food, rock music and craft beer that makes me feel right at home. To my surprise, when I went there last night I saw a band setting up. I thought, “Hmm…this should be interesting.” I had no idea what I was in for. They opened their set with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock n Roll”. The lead singer starts wailing and my jaw drops. I had heard hundreds of bands cover Zeppelin before and every single time they completely butcher the vocals. Not this guy. Now I’m thinking “Ok here we go, this is gonna be awesome.” 3 songs into their set I told my friend I had to bail on the game of pool we were in the middle of, I couldn’t miss these guys. Being the white guy in the bar at that moment, as I walked out, the singer points to me and says “Hey where you from?” “U.S.A.” I said. Then I thought I’d put them to the test. “Play some Maiden!” I yelled. ImageHe talks to his bandmates for a few seconds, then suddenly broke out into an Iron Maiden classic. They nailed it. Not only that, but they played 2 Maiden songs. Now I’m a fan. These guys impressed the hell out of me. They loved that I told some friends to come and check them out and they saw how excited I was getting about all they songs they played. I quickly made friends with all of them after the show. I will be seeing them again next time.

CRUX playing “Cemetary Gates” by Pantera

These guys proved to me that Korea isn’t completely in the dark when it comes to western rock music. I talked with them mostly about music, they know their stuff. Other bands they covered were Dream Theater, Metallica, Slayer, Deep Purple, AC/DC and Rush. They nailed it.

The band with my friend Sam after the show.Image